Post your or or Twine link and discuss it here.

Post a link to your team New Hive or page and discuss how it features principles discussed in class on new media design and transmedia storytelling.

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    I made my salon page with the theme of Places That I Want to Visit. When I was making it I made an effort to include various aspects of ‘ the aesthetics of hybridity’. I included both regular photos of the places I would like to visit, and GIFS to make the whole page more interesting to look at. My use of both GIFS and photos is a use of the concept of juxtaposition of different media. I also layered the GIFs as they all had transparent backgrounds over top of the photos that I used to create both depth and a more unique effect overall than the photos would have created by themselves.

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    The page above represents my passion for reading Canadian authors. Newhive was a good choice for curating favorite books and authors, the creative freedom appeals more than templates. I need an infographic for another class, so that was my starting point.

    The project followed a workflow process, as though I were a series of people.
    • Research. I’m crazy about Canadian novels and especially BC authors.
    • Create and find images. Spoke wheel from Google images is perfect for my basic infographic, it fits the alphabet (minus one because I haven’t read X yet).
    a) PROBLEM: Text in Newhive cannot be tilted – at least not in the free version.
    b) SOLUTION: insert image into Microsoft Word. Author’s names tilted on spokes using color coded font to match author’s province (map is separate Google image).
    • Transfer images to Newhive. Embed links to book descriptions and movie trailers.
    • Lastly: use layering and transparency so that everything can be seen, make design decisions.

    Design: the piece should appeal to people who like to read, but want a book recommended by a person rather than by marketers, or they like the idea of creating their own reading list. To accomplish this, I go for a simple do-it-yourself feel. A Canadian theme with a sans-serif font for the title, a map and a red background. Use of black script speaks of author “voice” and “Jorie’s picks” gives it a blog feel.

    Conclusion: this was a great experience, although time-consuming. I was frustrated the day Newhive was down, so made an inquiry via Facebook. I received a personal response back, which clinches my Newhive thumbs up!

    o “Hi Jorie – Amazon Web Services is down today. It’s an infrastructure issue. However, once it’s fixed you shouldn’t have any problems logging on. Hope that helps.”



    While I was making my twine interactive story I needed somewhere to put my pictures so the had a URL attached to them so I made a page for that purpose. As well it could showcase the pictures I chose not to use in my story. In many of the tools we have been using in class the idea of merging different types of media together to create a more visually appealing product this “hybrid of aesthetics” as Lev Manovitch describes it creates a new language or medium which we are enamored with. The ability to create such interactive and media rich content from free programs such as and Twine are a demonstration of how far we have come. In the media design chapter Manovich notes the use of After Effects in the 90’s as turning point for software as it was a tool for combining various types of media using only one program. Now it is fairly straightforward to add media on my blog, twine or page. I used moving image to create the juxtaposition effect in my travel collage, through these images I was able to enhance the feeling of travel, constant movement. Further by using the layering effect for some of my moving images I was able to maintain the collage feel and integrity of the photos. The use and combination of different media continues to be a popular form of expression especially online it seems that the quality of output and the programs to create content are better every single day.


  4. NewHive is definitely a tool I could see myself using the future. The flexibility that it allows makes the process that much more fun. The NewHive I created is a curated board of things that inspire me. As a kid I used to have a bulletin board where I would pin up photos, or magazine pages to remind me of things that bring me joy. When I look at my NewHive it evokes the same type of feeling for me today.

    For future use, I could see myself using NewHive as a means to create a digital portfolio. I could post photos, written words, and streaming videos. (I love how I can play a video without leaving the page!) Since each NewHive starts as a blank slate, there aren’t any limitations on design or format, which means each NewHive page can be completely unique. It’s so easy to change something with the click of a button so I can see myself being more creative because if something doesn’t work out I just have to make a few clicks and everything can be fixed. The other great thing about NewHive is that it isn’t necessarily related to my name, giving it some sense of anonymity if I so choose.

    I could also see myself using NewHive in my personal life. I don’t often post to Facebook these days, I think the last time I uploaded a photo on there was years ago. However, I would use NewHive to create an album, so to speak, of a trip or fond memory. That way I could share my pictures with family and friends who I send the link to, or use it for my own pleasure to catalog my memories.

    Regardless of whether it’s a digital portfolio or personal memory bank, I see NewHive as a great way to show an evolution and tell a story in a unique and interactive way. Of all the digital platforms I have experienced NewHive gives users the most freedom to create their own original masterpieces.

    Overall I give NewHive two thumbs up!

    Here’s the link to my digital bulletin board on NewHive:


  5. Salon io comment post.
    The salon io platform was interesting to work with. It is a great platform to make collages with and to start a design process. It is a storyboard for the design process without having to use paper to make sketches, which is great because it conserves paper in the process of creating a presentable piece of art.
    The platform is also great for conceptualizing book covers if there is a need for a book cover design. If a design needs to be shared then it can be easily shared simply by pasting a link in an email.
    I like being able to use cinematograph (a GIF that leaves one portion of a photo in motion and freezes the rest as an image) in my design. This platform made it easy to incorporate into the design. It was as easy as finding the right GIF copying it and then paste it into the platform workspace.
    The platform adds more potential to you creative space by allowing you to add cascaded style sheets, and HTML design to the designs. If one knows how to write CSS and HTML the workspace is near limitless in what could be done in one’s designs.
    The platform itself was fair easy to use. There was a little bit of a learning curve. When resizing the images layered on top of each other, it was irritating because I had to make sure that I was clicking on the right image to change the size. Sometimes during this process, it would flip between other images and I would end up changing the size of another image. I would like be able to blend the images together so that they would look more naturally placed within the images, as though they were initially apart of the image to begin with rather than placed.
    The platform has great potential with the use of HTML and CSS. Salon io is a good resource for pre-planning design projects. The platform could also be used as a curatorial space.


  6. Post a link to your team New Hive or page and discuss how it features principles discussed in class on new media design and transmedia storytelling.

    For this blog post I am going to focus on a platform known as I love!! I am so happy I was introduced to it. It is an interface that allows people to create websites without needing to know the ins and outs of coding. You can drag and drop text, gifs, still images, video, and sound without requiring templates. It’s a very fun interface to work with because it’s efficient and gets the job done quick and easy. You can randomize pages and toggle between multiple working pages and if you want to get more complex there is the ability to add in personal html and css code. Since new media is always changing and people are always looking for simple yet effective ways to tell stories, I think is a great starting point. There is a beginner platform and if you want to make more than 5 pages you have the ability to pay and get more options for your workflows. Currently I display my photography on the three working canvases I have and I couldn’t love it more. It is so neatly displayed and allows me to tailer my pages exactly how I like allowing me to tell a story any way I want. For example, for my page that focuses on my recent reading week trip – I am able to present pictures in chronological order and add text that explains a story exactly how I want to. Overall, it is a great platform.


  7. I will be providing some feedback on my experience with, along with a example from our week 8.2 lecture on new media design.

    Well, it was fun. I struggled initally, and I do not believe my design is anything exciting, however, it was enjoyable to be artistic as I have never excelled in that area. After looking at Becca’s design, I was inspired to do something similar in regards to juxtaposition. I decided to build a collage highlighting the diverse natural transformations the Okanagan Valley goes through during each season of the year. Finding pictures wasn’t too difficult, however, I was not able to find any quality gifs to contrast my collage, which was disappointing.

    Overall, I enjoyed the experience, as the interface was simple yet had useful features. I may use this tool as a vehicle to build the digital component of my final presentation.



    I really enjoyed working with New Hive! This platform offered a wide range of options for creating a personal space of my own. I liked how easily you could import media from different websites simply by copying and pasting the link. I do no think my page is anything out of the ordinary, I did not use any GIFS as I like keeping things simple. I found the platform like creating a digital poster board, this was helpful in making my digital component for my final essay/presentation. Very easy to manipulate the text and layer things how I wanted made for a streamlined work space. I would forsure use this website again for presentations as it is easily accessible from any computer which makes it very reliable. Found making the page bigger a little difficult but once I figured it out things went fairly smoothly. The website aligns different layers very well making it a very symmetrical. Another downside i found is the page can become quite cluttered if you dont keep things organized. All in all I would give it a 8/10 and would use again.



    I decided to create a NewHive page featuring some photos I took while traveling in Ireland. Using this to create a collage of my photos was really great. I like being able to feature my photos in one space, telling a story in a sense about my travel. I could easily see how this could be a useful tool to perhaps add to my writing. Creating new Newhive pages that have pictures, and videos, and any form of media really, would add a whole new design element to my writing and give my readers another narrative to work with, which seems to be the goal of transmedia storytelling.

    There have been times when I have been a little frustrated with Newhive’s layout. For example I like how on you can set the pictures to variable sizes and it automatically does it for you. On Newhive you have to edit the picture sizes yourself, but I do find the editing process easier than on and I prefer the look to Newhive (even though they are pretty similar). It may be because I tried Newhive first and am therefore more used to it. All in all, it was fun to play around and to see what I could create. I am looking forward to spending some more time with this website in the future.


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